Premier's machine specific lockout procedures feature a graphical top down plan-view drawing of the entire machine or system. Many of our competitors will use pictures taken of the equipment instead of a plan-view drawing.

While at first glance this may seem practical, there are a number of problems that can arise as a result. Pictures can be especially problematic on larger systems, where it is not practical to display pictures of every energy source that requires locking out.

Some systems can have over 100 lockable energy sources, spread over hundreds of feet, which need to be identified and controlled. It is impractical to display and identify all of these sources using pictures without causing significant confusion.

Another major problem with pictures is that it can often be difficult to locate each energy source in relation to where you are standing and reading the lockout procedure.

Plan View Drawing

Plan-View Advantages

Graphical plan-view drawings offer a number of advantages over just snapping a few pictures.

  • You Are Here (YAH) indicator.
    • Quickly orient yourself in relation to the machine.
    • More easily locate all lockable energy sources.
  • Identify remote locations in relation to current position.
  • More easily highlight / label areas of interest.
  • Display associated equipment without confusion.
  • Identify and locate hidden valves, shutoffs and lockable points.

For all of these reasons, we strongly recommend using the superior graphical plan-view approach.