on-site certified safety professional

Are you the human resources, engineering or plant manager of a lean manufacturing company? If so, you wear multiple hats and it is impossible to get all those jobs done effectively. The safety of your employees is essential to you and your business, and compliance with all safety and health regulations can be burdensome.

PFS has three approaches that add value and minimize costs:

Continuous Part Time Safety Services

A comprehensive on-site safety compliance service to assist small and mid-size manufacturing companies with meeting their state and federal OSHA regulatory requirements. Depending on need, this service provides a dedicated block of 8 to 80 hours per month for one of Premier's certified safety specialists to assist you.

  • Provide technical support.
  • Perform predetermined value added activities.
  • Advise management on their company's ongoing safety and loss prevention efforts.

Temporary Full Time Assistance

If your company is in the ramp up stage of a new manufacturing facility or process, or if you or your safety director are currently overwhelmed, PFS can provide a temporary, full time safety professional to help build or implement existing company safety procedures and assist in training employees.

Having access to a CSP without having to have one on-staff full time can result in significant cost savings.

One Time Safety Audit

Premier's third party safety audits are comprehensive safety compliance audits that validate applicable federal and state safety and health requirements are being met.

Whether you are looking to develop an elite safety program, obtain VPP Star/Merit status, comply with your OHSAS 18001 procedures of assessing regulatory compliance or just looking for compliance validation so you can sleep at night, this third party audit provides an independent review of your operations.

Potential Safety Audit Scope

  • Review any hazard assessments conducted for specific health & safety programs.
  • Conduct a facility, “Wall to Wall” safety inspection to reveal any non-compliances.
  • Review all accident investigations to identify, areas of potential concern, investigation procedures, & corrective actions.
  • If requested; review employee involvement, safety and health training, and air sampling processes and results.

These third party audits will provide an independent review of your operations. Based on the audit results, an action plan will be provided with “Best Practice” recommendations. The action plan can then be used as a tool for management to track and record corrective actions.