Often times it can seem like a cost saving measure to try and use existing personnel to complete machine specific lockout procedures for your facility. While it may be possible, there are many factors to consider before kicking off a project of this scope.

Without proper planning and consideration, these types of projects often stall. This can happen for a number of different reasons, including insufficient experience, lack of commitment from management and moving personnel onto other projects.

While the intentions were initially good, this results in the worst case scenario where the facility remains out of compliance, safety is still a concern and significant time and money have been poured into the project.

Key factors in deciding whether to outsource your lockout tagout project or perform the work in-house include:


  • How quickly does the project need to be implemented?
  • Will the resources and tools be available to accommodate the schedule?

Resource Availability

  • What other responsibilities will the personnel assigned to the project have?
  • How will this impact the project as well as other areas of operations, including production?
  • Will the personnel assigned be available long enough to complete the project?


  • Have all costs been taken into consideration including: labor, overhead, materials and equipment?


  • Will the personnel assigned have the knowledge, tools and capability to complete the project?


  • Do you want a high quality placard of the procedure posted at the machine itself?

Change Management

  • Will the tools and personnel be available to review and update lockout procedures as your facility's processes and equipment change?
  • Will the changes be properly documented to comply with OSHA regulations?