Machine Specific Lockout Tagout

We specialize in developing machine specific lockout tagout procedures. First, we work with you to develop a standardized corporate library so all lockout procedures across your organization are consistent. Then our experienced engineers analyze your equipment, create a plan view drawing and identify all energy sources and corresponding isolation procedures. Finally we produce and optionally install durable high quality placards and tags.
Lockout tagout diagram.
Electrical lockout tag.
Chemical lockout tag.
Gas lockout tag.
Gravity lockout tag.
Hydraulic lockout tag.
Pneumatic lockout tag.
Rotation lockout tag.
Steam lockout tag.
Water lockout tag.


Lockout Procedures Created


Energy Sources Identified


Years Experience

Factory Solutions Software

Factory Solutions is a powerful cloud-based software tool for managing lockout tagout procedures (LOTO) and other safety related visuals.

Project status updates

Access all safety visuals

Communicate equipment changes

Compliance status and history information


Premier Factory Safety offers safety solutions and services that add value and reduce operating costs within your organization. Through the adoption and integration of best safety practices and Factory Solutions cloud-based software, companies can manage change, maintain compliance and work toward an injury free work environment.

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